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As the banking sector faces challenges from regulatory changes such the imminent impact of Basel III and increased competition from Fintechs and challenger banks, corporate customers are demanding a level of service innovation in business banking previously offered only in their personal bank accounts.

This Cashfac White Paper – Virtual Accounts: Turning Adversity into Advantage – explores how innovative technology, such as virtual accounts, is helping banks adhere to Basel III and helping empower corporate customers.

Virtual Banking Technology – From Business Banking Experts

We interviewed those at the sharp end of business banking, from corporates to banks, consultants to journalists. Together they paint a picture of the challenges, but also opportunities to embrace technological change at a customer service as well as an operational level, and show how virtual accounts can enable both banks and corporates to turn their respective adversities into advantages.

Download your complimentary copy of this white paper for more information on:

  • What are Virtual Bank Accounts:

    An explanation and visual representation of Virtual Accounts in action, and the range of benefits they offer both banks and corporates

  • A Snapshot of the Latest Thinking:

    Expert insight from Accenture, Barclays, LV= and GT News on the Basel III regulatory framework and opportunities of Virtual Banking Technology

  • The Banks’ Opportunity:

    Improving efficiency and regulatory compliance while maintaining relevance in an increasingly innovative environment

  • Delivering Corporate Benefits:

    How corporates use Virtual Banking Technology to drive customer innovation, visibility and efficiency

  • Case Study Example:

    a detailed case study example explaining how LV= – one of the UK’s biggest Insurers- switched to virtual accounts to simplify their bank account structures, transforming their business by linking 35,000 virtualised accounts to one main ‘real’ client account.

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