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Supply Chain Cash

Cashfac Supply Chain Cash closely aligns the relationship between the cash management of a business, the management of supplier relationships and the planning and execution of payments.

It gives visibility into any event related to a supply chain that can impact the working capital of a business as well as the working capital of their suppliers. It reduces costs by synchronising customer’s and supplier’s settlement processes without changes to invoicing systems, and makes refunds cheap and fast to process. It extends naturally into working capital finance for the supplier if relevant.

Cashfac Supply Chain Cash executes cash in a seamless, transparent order-to-cash or invoice-to-cash process that includes continuous reconciliation for the business and suppliers. It also includes low cost, precise and fast execution of refunds. The solution automates the customer payment process supporting a range of payment options and putting customers in direct control of the amount and timing of payments. Because the solution is agnostic to primary invoice and payment systems the roll out is fast and non-invasive.

Cashfac Supply Chain Cash provides for the introduction of real time credit limits linked to the cash amount outstanding. The solution keeps a real time audit trail for buyer and suppliers showing customers what they paid for and when and supplier’s details of lines payments were received for.

Technology has increasingly globalised the supply chain of many firms as they operate across jurisdictions. Mapping and understanding the flow of financial information is critical to the resilience of a business. Research however, has shown that firms globally continue to suffer the negative effects of the flow of working capital to the tune of billions of dollars.

For market sites Cashfac Supply Chain Cash cuts the cost and simplifies the high volume complex supply chain settlement and refund process.

Features & Functionality:

  • Handles high volumes in multi supplier chains.
  • Responds to order and delivery processes to achieve accuracy and transparency for suppliers and buyers.
  • Enables businesses to shape and reshape payments according to agreed order or contribution lines.
  • Settles on agreed lines without re-engineering the invoice process.
  • Reconciles money against invoice lines that have been settled and updates Account Receivables systems; removing manual processes and reducing the room for error.
  • Enables payments to be reconciled for the supplier before it is received and can be broken out and allocated automatically by the supplier.
  • Processes refunds quickly and at low cost.
  • Synchronises receivables and payables in the supply chain with no footprint in the invoicing systems.
  • Does not compete with factoring, invoice discounting or existing bank facilities or products.
  • Enables a fast roll-out – it is non-invasive, not requiring system or process re-engineering.
  • Releases cost savings and removes frictions through the supply chain; adds value and stickiness in customer/supplier relationships.
  • Drives payments to prevent errors.
  • Brings the cash flow forward.

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For more information on our Supply Chain Cash Solution, download a complimentary copy of our Supply Chain Cash Solution Brochure or contact the team to discuss your requirements or request a demonstration.