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Multibank Cash Management Software

Cashfac Multibank is a multi-bank, multi-currency, enterprise-wide cash management software solution. It is designed to provide centralised visibility and control of all banking operations and dynamic cash positions.

Bringing together unlimited numbers of real and virtual bank accounts in a single view, Cashfac Multibank cash management software delivers real time visibility of funds flow. It also provides direct control over balances and an accurate forward balance view, starting from a reconciled position and using current information affecting funds flows.

The solution also allows treasury policies to be enforced with pooling, sweeping and the creation of target balances. It simplifies day-to-day treasury processes, reducing the risks associated with administering a complicated account infrastructure.

Cashfac accelerates integration with both bank systems and client side systems with pre-packaged Bank Drivers for many of the leading banks and Cashfac’s FileMapper technology, an easy to use, intuitive ETL tool, which reduces the integration burden with new banks or client side systems.

  • Real time visibility over cash flows across multiple regions and legal entities to enable intelligent and accurate liquidity, debt and risk management at a granular level.
  • Centralised cash management, control and management of operations.
  • The aggregation of cash to maximise investment opportunities.
  • Segregation of client monies across multiple accounts to ensure compliance with regulatory demands.
  • Increased automation of frequent tasks, such as the automatic generation of regular transactions.

Features & Functionality:

  • The system software replaces manual and disparate processes with automated, audited, straight-through-processing. Continuous reconciliation of transactions and balances ensures integrity of the firm’s cash position.
  • Automatically creates forward cash positions, based upon Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, and enables users to sweep funds based upon real-time forward balances.
  • Eradicates manual processes while also reducing errors and exception management tools enable rapid resolution of unexpected cash.
  • Provides connectivity between banks’ and primary client side systems through pre-packaged Bank Drivers which can be quickly and easily deployed to access and enrich transaction data from banks.
  • Provides integration via Web Service API’s and flat file interfaces to client’s core systems and critical processes such as transaction processing or account maintenance.
  • Extracts bank data to provide a single format across all counterparties enabling a single point of connectivity for all banks.
  • Is fully audited with roles-based permissions and authorisation workflow to enable compliance with approval processes across distributed operations.
  • Provides a single, real time view of transactions, balances and forward balances for all bank accounts, across all banks.
  • Enables customisable rule sets so users can create, automate and audit movements of cash within and between bank accounts or business entities.
  • Provides a multi-bank, multi-currency, enterprise-wide cash management solution

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