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Electronic Account Opening

Cashfac Electronic Account Opening is an online bank account management platform that enables existing bank customers to centrally maintain and control an unlimited number of bank accounts in real time.

The solution enables the rapid opening of accounts. It also simplifies the management of all services associated with bank account management including adding and removing signatories and adjusting limits on accounts. It utilises ISO 20022 messaging standards to further facilitate the account management process between bank customers and their bank.

The solution dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with opening and managing multiple bank accounts and removes the manual, slow workflow to the benefit of both the bank and bank customer.

Cashfac accelerates integration with both bank systems and client side systems with pre-packaged Bank Drivers for many of the leading banks and Cashfac’s FileMapper technology, an easy to use, intuitive ETL tool, which reduces the integration burden with new banks or client side systems.

Features & Functionality:

  • Utilises industry ISO standards for electronic customer and bank account management.
  • Provides seamless information exchange capabilities with banks internal systems for bank account clearing house registration.
  • Operates full bank account functionality including the ability to receive and manage cash through open accounts, closed accounts that still receive payments and accounts that have been hard closed.
  • Provides a single, centralised repository of all signatories associated with all user accounts to simplify the maintenance, control and accuracy of signatory information. It incorporates digital signatures for legal requirements.
  • Configures to the different needs of different banks in different jurisdictions.
  • Is an out-of-the-box, hosted, cloud based solution.

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For more information on our Electronic Account Opening Solution, download a complimentary copy of our Electronic Account Opening Solution Brochure or contact the team to discuss your requirements or request a demonstration.