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Client Money Management and Compliance

The Cashfac Client Money Management Solution offers a principles-based solution that meets the requirements of the financial services regulators around the globe whether it’s the FCA’s CASS 7 regulation, ASIC’s Client Money regulation, Europe’s Mifid II or the US’s CFTC’s Client protection rules.  The solution also fully meets the client money and trust money protection requirements of the different industries in these jurisdictions whether it is accountants and lawyers, bookmakers, pension providers or property managers.

At Cashfac, we believe that good client money compliance is just one part of a strong and efficient money management regime.  Our client money solution does not just offer an internal and external reconciliation solution, it offers a full suite of accounting, banking and reporting functionality that can be quickly configured to bring your firm’s cash operation up to best practice standard.

The seven key features of the Cashfac solution are:

  • Agency Banking
  • Full-service bank accounts
  • Client Money Ledger/Client Account
  • Internal and External Reconciliations
  • Pooling and Project (Forward cash forecasting) for Treasury management
  • Client Money General Ledger
  • Resolution Packs and Reporting

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For more information on our Client Money Solution, download a complimentary copy of our Client Money Solution Brochure or contact the team to discuss your requirements or request a demonstration.