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Cashfac Analytics

Cashfac Analytics provides the most comprehensive data analysis and reporting module for Banks and Corporates allowing them to better analyse, understand and navigate complex data sets related to specific cash management functions.

Cashfac provides an enhanced data analytics module through which banks and their corporate customers can gain greater insight into intraday dynamic cash positions and the impact of specific cash movements on the balance sheet. It includes a suite of configurable dashboards that provide a more interactive user experience and enable users from different industries and sectors and from different roles and responsibilities to navigate data in a much more intuitive and proactive way. Operations are presented with information that is relevant to their profile, with KPI details and summary details presented. Through the dashboard drilldowns the users have easier access to data, greater visibility of transactions and balances and the complexity of managing multiple data sets is eliminated.

Cashfac simplifies the reporting process so banks and their corporate customers have greater insight into their operational performance. Users can tailor reports to suit their specific needs as well as access a greater number of reporting capabilities in terms of output formats and report layouts.

Features & Functionality:

  • provides a simplified enhanced user experience through visual representation of complex data sets
  • speeds up the process of analysing, understanding and navigating cash flow data
  • supports a wide variety of different roles and responsibilities within an organisation
  • configurable dashboards to support a range of specific industries and sectors
  • offers bank-ready dashboards to support more granular understanding of corporate customers’ cash based operations
  • multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities
  • enables simplified reporting for greater operational insights
  • greater flexibility in reporting capabilities through tailored reports and a wider variety of output formats and report layouts