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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash Flow Forecasting provides timely and accurate information that allows business owners to forecast and revise their cash flow on a daily and intraday basis.

The solution brings together all of the transactional information that contributes to assessing the financial health of a company. The impact of future cash flow can be modelled using a combination of previous financial activity and estimated forward transactions. Businesses also gain valuable insight into future available levels of liquidity across the operation and can plan for any surplus or shortfalls in cash.

Cash flow is central to the success of any business. Cashfac provides a real time view on balances, enables the reporting of counterparty limits and supports the analysis of delivery vs. payments. Having a full and accurate picture of monetary inflows and outflows enables a business to effectively manage their finances and mobilises them to be able to proactively plan for their future and avoid cash flow problems or a crisis of liquidity. Robust cash flow forecasting solutions are vital in identifying available liquidity and helping a business fulfill their financing ambitions.

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