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Bank Platform

Cashfac’s Virtual Bank Technology (VBT) Platform provide Bank-to-Corporate Cash Management solutions that are delivered through the bank’s channels to corporates from all industries.

The Virtual Bank Technology (VBT) Platform consists of functionally rich virtual accounts with a flexible, rules driven workflow as well as smart integration tools and advanced reconciliation capabilities. It provides banks with a single platform capable of delivering a broad range of corporate Cash Management solutions.

The multi-tenanted platform is cost effective for banks to manage with a single platform and delivers multiple solutions, each capable of being configured to meet the exact requirements of each individual sector.

Cashfac provides an enhanced data analytics module that banks and their corporate customers can utilise allowing greater insight into intraday dynamic cash positions.

Serving the Bank

Banks today are required to deliver “more for less”. In the Corporate and Business Banking world, this means attracting and retaining deposits and driving transaction fees in highly competitive markets. To do so, requires banks to get closer to their customer’s business; offering a differentiated range of services; increasing customer self-service capabilities; whilst controlling the bank’s costs and enhancing the bank’s brand.

Cashfac has worked with banks around the world to help them with these challenges. The platform is designed to offer solutions which meet the corporate’s functional requirements, leverages the bank’s existing infrastructure and allows the bank to cost effectively manage the technology whilst rolling it out to as many clients as possible.

Serving the Bank’s Corporate and Business Banking Clients

Corporates want bank-connected systems which bridge the ‘gaps’ that exist between their internal applications and their bank. Traditionally, bank-provided systems offer corporates only half of the picture; the bank’s view of transactions and balances, in isolation from their own operational activities.  Cashfac marries the bank’s balance and transaction data with data from the corporate’s internal systems to present a relevant, real-time picture of cash; intraday cash positions; forecast cash positions.

For the bank’s customer, the integrated analytics capability provides both the latest key information as well as providing a more intuitive means for navigation. For the banks themselves, the analytics gives them valuable information to support their customers better.

As banks are able to design Solutions for each industry or market sector, corporates are able to instantly access solutions relevant to their business. Corporates are presented with industry best-practice workflows, relevant transaction and account types, interfaces to common back office applications and pre-built reports – all of which helps deliver rapid and sustainable business benefits.

Cashfac solutions are available for: