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Receivables Management

Cashfac Receivables Management fully automates the management and control of payments and receipts providing real time visibility across the entire lifecycle of a payment.

From payment collection through reconciliation to receipt allocation and matching every step is automated. It provides a secure, transparent and auditable process that allows firms to reduce their reliance on manual processes while ultimately saving them time and money as well as reducing risk.

Cashfac accelerates integration with both bank systems and client side systems with pre-packaged Bank Drivers for many of the leading banks and Cashfac’s FileMapper technology, an easy to use, intuitive ETL tool, which reduces the integration burden with new banks or client side systems.

The allocation and matching of receipts is a pain-point for many businesses particularly those involved in the collection of high volume payments and with highly complex counterparty or client account infrastructures. Traditionally, technology for payments, reconciliations and receipts is siloed, however Cashfac Accounts Receivable Management brings an integrated approach automating the entire payment process, end-to-end, providing visibility into every transaction from start to finish.

Features & Functionality:

  • Fully automates the management and control of payments and receipts.
  • Provides full bank connectivity with multiple levels of matching and allocation rules.
  • Enables connectivity to primary systems to receive downstream feeds converting them into expectation to receive credits and debits.
  • Automatically interprets, analyses and allocates receipts based upon rules-based, user defined receipt criteria.
  • Analyses multiple matching characteristics and physically allocates funds to receivables, accounts or clients.
  • Includes an extensive range of functions that provide information on unallocated transactions while also suggesting matching options and allowing the user to easily trace payments and receipts by source.
  • Manages the aggregation of payments, nettings and part payments.
  • Enables documentary evidence in the form of excel, word and PDF documents, images and photographs to be stored against transactions for audit and control purposes including during the authorisation workflow.

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