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Managed Service

Cashfac’s Managed Service is an integral part of the Cashfac Cloud offering but also available to client’s seeking to benefit from our highly skilled team of application support staff and business specialists. Cashfac’s Managed Service is operated and managed by ITIL certified customer focused, Cashfac operation experts.

Cashfac’s Managed Service team removes the burden of operational activities and makes sure our clients get the most from their application, reducing the risk of operational tasks being completed incorrectly and reducing the need for clients to maintain a costly pool of trained staff.

Cashfac’s team and processes are ISO 27001 certified and located in a physically separate and secure environment. Dedicated personnel are appointed to manage the client’s application with a single point of contact made available to the client.

The Managed Service is data centre neutral allowing them to support our clients who prefer to host our applications internally or at data centres of their choosing.

The Managed Service team take responsibility for application maintenance ensuring that client installations are always up to date and that customer’s benefit from recent enhancements to Cashfac applications. The team continuously measure and monitor performance and improve the service delivered.

The Managed Services team performs against a client determined Service Level Agreement which can include a number of key operational tasks such as Start of Day Processing, client on-boarding, statement production, operational report monitoring, interest capitalisation on virtual accounts, management of interest rate or base rate changes, or processing daily standing orders and regular payments.

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