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Cashfac Cloud

For many firms software as a service is now the only way to access applications.  Accessing software as a service provides the lowest impact and fastest time to market when introducing new technology.  And as the service is massively scalable it can grow as and when required; helping to align your technology investments to your business benefits. Cashfac introduced its private Cashfac Cloud for both its bank partners and corporate clients to accelerate their time to market.  Secure, scalable and highly performant it is built on a fully PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure.  Designed with a secure three tier architecture the Cashfac Cloud offers;

  • Compute and storage resources fully dedicated to your organisation.
  • Production, Disaster Recovery and Test Environments in a Private Cloud.
  • VLAN and firewalls to secure traffic between network layers.
  • Continuous web presence for load balancing and business continuity with automatic failover to Disaster Recovery.
  • Denial of Service mitigation through DDoS Mitigation Service.

For more information on the service and to learn why the Cashfac Cloud is trusted by Banks and their corporate clients, please contact us.