Case Studies

Explore our case studies to find out about more about how we’ve helped organisations across the world from a spectrum of industries and business sizes.

  • allpay Migrates to Cashfac’s Hosted and Managed Service

    allpay is the UK’s largest bill payments company. They handle more than five million transactions a month from tens of thousands of customers – collecting money from clients at PayPoint providers and Post Offices across the country and holding accounts for organisations including many UK Housing Associations.

    With increasing costs being incurred and limited skilled resources within the company, allpay decided to migrate to Cashfac’s cloud-based Hosted and Managed Service, helping save time, money and remove risk.

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  • LV= moves £140m of funds from 40k real accounts

    LV= is a leading provider of Insurance, Savings, Investments & Retirement plans. The Cashfac solution is used by the Life division of the company which has a strong focus on retirement solutions and the administering of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP). They have 40,000 policy holders all of which had individual real bank accounts at the incumbent bank before the implementation of the Cashfac solution.

    LV= wanted a solution that would reduce the administrative burden of setting up and managing large numbers of bank accounts and client accounts with a virtual account management infrastructure.

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  • Capita HR Solutions delivers its clients more efficient processes

    Capita HR Solutions is the largest provider of outsourced HR services in the UK and manages over 1,650 clients and processes approximately 10 million salary payments on a yearly basis to 800,000 client employees.

    As with many payroll and HR consulting firms, the management and reconciliation of multiple client bank accounts can be an intensive and time consuming process.

    To avoid onerous workloads and potential human error, Capita required a solution that  provided greater visibility and control over money movements for their clients.

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  • International HR and tax consultants reduce risk on client accounts

    One of Cashfac’s clients are international HR and tax consultants who operate in over 50 Countries worldwide. The firm has multiple UK teams involved in the creation of transactions across a user base of approximately 50 institutions.

    As with many HR and tax consulting firms, the management of client accounts across multiple currencies had become a manual and time consuming process.

    Cashfac provided the firm with a single virtual account management (VAM) platform to manage their entire account infrastructure.

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  • Global tax advisory firm exceeds efficiency standards

    One of Cashfac’s customers is one of the leading organisations of independent assurance, tax and advisory. With almost 40,000 employees, across 120 countries, the firm specialise in providing audit, tax and specialist advisory services to privately-held businesses, public interest entities and individuals.

    The introduction of new Personal Insolvency regulations in Ireland accelerated stricter requirements for the reconciliation and control of both debt management plan (DMP) and individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) client cash.

    The firm realised that a virtual account management (VAM) solution would meet these requirements while also allowing them to expand their services in Ireland.

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  • Powys County Council uses Cashfac to help vulnerable citizens

    Powys County Council is a Welsh Unitary Authority with an 8,000 strong workforce that serves one of the most sparsely populated areas of the UK. Its adult social services department delivers support to 100 vulnerable adults with dementia who are at risk of financial abuse.

    The system of using regular bank accounts for each service user was bureaucratic and costly to operate because it dealt with multiple bank statements showing receipt and cash management on multiple spreadsheets.

    The implementation of Cashfac’s Care Accounts solution provided local authorities with a single, real-time picture of the assets held across all of its service user bank accounts.

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  • Pensions administrator transforms client pension contribution and administration process

    One of Cashfac’s clients is an experienced third-party administration company that delivers first class services to all types of pension schemes and their members.

    The firm wanted to streamline their administration and implement a platform for growth so they could rapidly and aggressively acquire new business. To do this, the company needed to remove all manual processes for operations to scale and the implementation of best practices were required if the operation was to offer the highest level of customer service.

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  • Property and real estate firm achieves greater control and transparency

    One of Cashfac’s clients is a commercial property and real estate consultant with approximately 250 offices in over 50 countries, employing almost 20,000 professionals. It delivers solutions to landlords, tenants and investors at each stage of the real estate & commercial property process.

    Cashfac’s client managed a significant commercial rent property portfolio across the UK and operated hundreds of real bank accounts. This caused inefficient account administration as well as onerous manual reconciliation.

    By leveraging their bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, a Cashfac Partner Bank, the firm were able to standardise their cash management processes across teams and multiple systems, offices and locations using the RBS Roybank virtual account management (VAM) solution.

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  • Jardine Lloyd Thomson improves efficiency for Pensions finance teams

    Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is one of the world’s largest risk specialist and employee benefits groups, providing cutting-edge workforce benefits and financial products for leading organisations.

    JLT’s standard accounting practices demanded that the finance department was required to manually confirm receipts of pension contributions before the pension administrators could disaggregate them and make investments. This added complexity and drastically slowed down the investment process.

    Cashfac’s solutions have enabled JLT to simplify and streamline their administrative processes and reduce the need for manual intervention and has improved the speed of reconciliations.

    Read the case study below for more information on how this was done:

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  • Pensions and employee benefits provider delivers efficient investment processes

    One of Cashfac’s clients is one of the UK’s leading specialists in pensions and employee benefits. Addressing the needs of both trustees and companies in pensions and actuarial services, flexible benefits and healthcare, it administers pension funds for approximately 150 clients looking after approximately 200 funds.

    The manual nature of their cash management operations meant that numerous fax instructions were distributed between the firm and various fund managers in order to agree the purchase of a specific fund. Once agreed, a different manual process of creating a payment instruction took place in order to settle the fund purchase and in many cases paper based authorisations were required ahead of releasing funds.

    In conjunction with Lloyds Bank, a Cashfac Partner Bank, Cashfac’s solutions enabled the firm to gain greater operational control over their cash operations.

    Check out the case study below to see just how instrumental Cashfac’s solutions were:

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