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Innovative banks around the world are transforming the corporate cash management market by white-labelling Cashfac’s industry-specific Cash Management solutions for their corporate and business banking clients.

Built from Cashfac’s Virtual Bank Technology Platform, this solution can help banks attract new clients, increase customer retention, increase deposits and drive transaction fees. Meanwhile, for the Bank’s corporate clients they provide functionally rich, highly relevant cash management solutions that deliver significant ROI.

The Virtual Bank Technology has been designed from the perspective of the corporate customer but is also designed to be fully white-labelled and integrated within the fabric of the bank. The platform bridges the gap that traditionally existed between the Corporate’s internal applications and the bank to provide precision in cash management.

Cashfac’s platform delivers a wide-range of corporate cash management services on a single, multi-tenanted platform that can be hosted within the bank or on Cashfac’s own private cloud.

Cash Management solutions are available for:

With hundreds of corporations utilising bank provided Cashfac solutions, Cashfac has a deep understanding of corporate requirements and the different needs which span different industry sectors. Cashfac works closely with each of its Bank Partners to create compelling and unique client-facing cash management solutions.

Cashfac’s latest Bank Platform has been designed to on-board large volumes of corporate clients onto cash management solutions that have been pre-configured for specific communities or vertical markets.

To find out if your bank provides Cashfac solutions or learn more about Cashfac’s Bank Platform and becoming a Cashfac Bank Partner, contact us.