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Asset Management & Pensions Funds

Buy-side firms and Administrators use Cashfac’s products to gain greater operational control over their cash operations and to ensure robust protection of client money.

Cashfac works with asset managers and pension funds to centralise the treasury operations needed to support multiple clients and funds. Cashfac manages the deposit and withdrawal of cash from funds and controls the lifecycle flows of pension scheme contributions including payments to fund managers and tax authorities.

Cashfac solutions fully integrate with fund management systems to manage settlement and cash management at an enterprise wide level. Cashfac solutions remove the need for manual reconciliations and enable automatically reconciled accounts.

Cashfac enables fund managers and administrators to extend the solution to their clients, bringing them into the process, providing them with transparency into their balances and transactions.

Applicable solutions include:

  • Multibank Cash Management for larger multi-banked firms Cashfac provides a single real time, intraday view of the organisation’s cash across all currencies and accounts. With greater transparency over real time cash balances firms have greater control over the management of sweeping, pooling and target balances.
  • Electronic Account Opening  eases the client onboarding process by providing an automated, workflow based, electronic account opening process that streamlines the compliance steps whilst providing a complete audit trail.
  • Client Money supports the entire client money lifecycle; from the identification, physical separation and protection of client money funds into dedicated client trust accounts, to the management of cash movements and the required client money calculations.
  • Fixed Term Deposits & Cash Products  Cashfac’s smart aggregation technology provides the account infrastructure, workflow and accounting for asset managers to offer deposit shapes with flexible maturities and rates through multiple smaller fixed term amounts to participating clients.