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Cash Index

Only 35% of Asia Pacific Corporates have Real-Time Transparency on Cash.

Multiple banking relationships, cost, reliance on customised bank systems and work-around solutions all hinder real-time view of operational liquidity.

Cashfac sponsored the Operational Cash Index to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Cash Management services which are currently available to Corporates across the region. The results highlight significant opportunities for both Corporates and Banks across the Asia Pacific region.  For Corporates there are benefits to be gained from improving visibility of Cash across their multi-bank relationships and having access to flexible tools and processes which allow them to maximise the value of cash in their business. For innovative Banks in the region there’s a fantastic opportunity to steal a lead and offer a next generation of multi-bank, cash management services to their corporate clients.

Key findings from the report include:

    • Only 35% of corporates surveyed had access to a real-time view of their transactions and cash.
    • Only 23% of cash is physically pooled in Asia Pacific and where Notional Pooling is possible it’s not fully exploited; with less than 50% of firms participating.
    • The biggest shortcoming in multi-banking arrangements is in the linking of accounts between banks.
    • Self-serve functionality and reliance on banks for customised changes was cited as a major shortcoming of multi-bank arrangements.

Download the full report here