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Advantage allpay as firm migrates to Cashfac’s Hosted and Managed Service

date 13th July 2017

Payments company allpay migrates to Cashfac’s cloud-based Hosted and Managed Service, helping save time, money and remove risk.

As an early Cashfac adopter, allpay maintained an on-premise solution for many years to great success, but realised its future was in the cloud. Although their hardware was still operating as designed, their foresight revealed issues on the horizon that would have to be addressed if they were to maintain the high standards of customer service and reliability to which their clients had become accustomed.

Cashfac’s cloud-based hosted and managed service

The decision was taken to migrate the entire system to Cashfac’s cloud-based managed and hosted service. As a result, allpay now has a service with sophisticated built in redundancy, removing the risk from them and practically eliminating the likelihood that data would ever be unavailable. IT support and daily processing costs have been slashed dramatically while the Cashfac experience has been upgraded and made more user-friendly.

“we have made big gains”

Jodie Earlstone, Client Finance Manager at allpay, said: “Since the switch every issue has been resolved, all fears were proved unfounded and we have made big gains. Now Cashfac carries out the daily processes we were responsible for and the risk of maintaining the hardware has been transferred from the team at allpay to Cashfac”.

As well as the risk savings, allpay have gained significant cost and time savings. Jodie added: “The biggest benefit was getting our time back. Two and half hours of data processing on a daily basis now takes minutes”.

Download our case study

For more information on the numbers behind this migration, download a free copy of our case study: Allpay Migrates to Cashfac Hosted and Managed Service