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Why Cashfac?

Market Leader: Cashfac is the leading Bank-to-Corporate Cash Management software provider.  Cashfac works with many of the leading banks around the world.  Cashfac’s white-label software solutions enable Banks to provide their Corporate and Business banking clients with leading edge cash management solutions. 

Trusted Partner: Cashfac helps banks build long lasting relationships with their clients; locking in deposits, driving transaction volumes and generating fees.

Proven Technology: Integrating software into a bank’s digital channel to provide the bank’s clients with seamless, functionally rich cash management solutions is never simple.  But that’s what Cashfac had done, time and time again.

Innovator: Cashfac pioneered the concept of virtual accounts more than 15 years ago.  The company evolved the concept to the broader framework of Virtual Bank Technology. Today its award winning VBT platforms are used by thousands of bank clients to perform complex cash management tasks every day.

Restoring Simplicity: For many companies with large numbers of bank accounts, operating across geographically dispersed locations, serving large volumes of clients, managing high volumes of payables and receivables and responsible for complying with regulation, life is anything but simple.  Cashfac and our bank partners help restore simplicity; unraveling the complexity that dictates how organisations and their clients’ cash is managed.  Together we help firms better manage their money, delivering transparency, control and compliance to the cash management lifecycle.

Scale: Cashfac and our Bank Partners serve organisations around the world from almost every industry sector and every size – from the largest Multi-National Corporation to fast growing mid-sized Corporates or Public Sector bodies.

To find out more about why Cashfac could be the right technology partner for you, contact us.