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About Us

What we do

Cashfac is a leading Bank-to-Corporate Cash Management software provider. Cashfac’s white-label solutions enable banks to provide their Corporate and Business banking clients with leading edge cash management solutions. Cashfac helps banks build long lasting relationships with their clients; locking in deposits, driving transaction volumes and generating fees.

Corporates utilising Cashfac’s technology through the bank channels benefit from state-of-the-art Cash Management software solutions that are tightly integrated with the secure bank channels that they trust and use every day.

For many companies with large numbers of bank accounts, operating across geographically dispersed locations, serving large volumes of clients, managing high volumes of payables and receivables and responsible for complying with regulation, life is anything but simple. Cashfac and our bank partners help restore simplicity; unravelling the complexity that dictates how organisations and their clients’ cash is managed. Together we help firms better manage their money, delivering transparency, control and compliance to the cash management lifecycle.

Who we serve

Cashfac and our Bank Partners serve organisations around the world from almost every industry sector and every size – from the largest Multi-National Corporation to fast growing mid-sized Corporates or Public Sector bodies.
To find out if your Bank can support your requirements contact us.

Who we are

As a software and services company our people are our business. It is their expertise, skills and desire to innovate that shape the solutions we develop, maintain and support.

We form long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers and seek to attract individuals who can bring value to these relationships. We invest in our people and create an environment where they can develop their full potential, as they in turn deliver results for our clients.

We are an international company, with regional hub operations in the UK and Australia. Our international footprint allows us to recruit from a broad range of markets and build a deeply experienced team. If you believe you would enjoy working at Cashfac and contributing to Cashfac and our clients’ success get in touch.