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  • Protecting Client Money: Best Practices

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    State of Operational Cash Management in Asia Pacific
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  • Multibank Cash Management

    Centralised visibility & control of all banking operations & dynamic cash positions
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  • Client Money Management

    Flawless management & compliance across the entire client money lifecycle
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  • What our clients have to say...

    Find out why clients trust us to manage their cash and account infastructure
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Feature Slides

  • Property Management

    An enterprise-wide cash management service designed for property managers, estate agents and real estate service providers to enable greater control across all banking operations.

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  • Care Accounts

    An advanced and scalable cloud-based cash management service designed for government and public bodies to enable the management of cash for the vulnerable and unbanked communities.

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  • SIPP Providers

    A cloud-based cash management service designed for trustees administering SSAS and SIPP to fully automate the management of bank accounts and client money across all plans.

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  • Insurance Providers

    A specialist cash management service designed for insurance brokers, underwriters and underwriting agencies. The solution tracks and controls the two-way flows of premiums and claims.

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